Wednesday, April 13, 2011

121 books down, 108 days to go.

Three more books for Justi, and a pile waiting on my bookshelf to be read!  Elizabeth, you still there?
I read two more books in Everworld, Brave the Betrayal and Inside the Illusion.  First time I'm able to post for this series, really--each book is usually less than 200 pages.  But they're getting a bit longer.  Basically, four kids are in this strange world that the gods created thousands of years ago.  They've given up getting fully home--when they fall asleep, they're home enough.  But now they need to survive, and that's harder than it sounds in a place of gods and magic...
Crave was the other book I read.  It's the first vampire book I've read in a while that I really loved.  Shay is the Sick Girl, with an unknown blood disease.  She knows she's dying.  But then she starts to get Gabriel's blood...who and what is he to her?  I can't wait for the next book of the series to come.  It's thrilling, makes you love both characters, and it's predictable in a way that keeps you anticipating more.
So, 108 days to go, with 121 books down!

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