Monday, June 20, 2011

144 books down, 77 days to go!

Four more books.  Not that I haven't been reading.  But a week long vacation, several longer-than normal books, and a series that Elizabeth has already remarked leaves me with little to record.
Well, I read the last three books of the Harry Potter series.  As a result, I'm properly excited for the movie that comes out in a month.  What can I say?  Harry Potter is just an overall good read, no matter the age...sure, it can be hard to get into if you wait too long, but it's obviously the most popular book series in the modern world.  If you haven't read them, shame on you!
The Way of Kings was my other accomplishment.  Literally, a thousand and one pages of, well, an epic story.  Written about a different world, following--at most times--four different characters as they do what they must...despite the unseemly length that drew me to the book in the first place, it's hard not to fall in love with the characters.  With a few helpful...and professional drawings to demonstrate the world, I'm sad I have to wait a few more years until the next book comes out.  And I discovered a great name: Sylphrena!

Elizabeth, Zoe, please tell me if you're still doing this.  If not, I'll get my sister involved to finish this workload...

'If he loves you, set him free.  If he returns, it was meant to be.' -famous quote

Love from Justi!

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