Monday, October 25, 2010

28 books down, 318 days to go!

I read two books lately, the first being The Princess Bride.  If you've ever seen the movie (which I would entirely advise), it follows that pretty well, a few differences, but a strangely comical effect that makes it a great read.  Buttercup's love, Westley, was murdered on the high seas, and now she has to marry Prince Humperdinck. (At least read it to see the awesome names!)  But when she is kidnapped to help start a war, she has to face giants, the Fire Swamp, an unwanted marriage, and a mysterious man-in-black.
The other book I finished just today is Untamed, the fourth installment in House of Night.  Zoey must reconcile with her friends in order to face a different, and very dangerous, enemy, all the while hearing about a vision in which she dies.  Happy thoughts, huh?  As per quota with this series, I was able to predict most of what happened, but it still was a fun read.
Love from Justi!

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