Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hello am.,
You recently posted this onto one of Zoe's blogs:

Hey, wait! What am I hearing? Defeat when there are still many months left to reach your target? Isn't September 1 your deadline? You'll make up the deficit during summer vacation.
That downer attitude must come from reading George Orwell. Elizabeth, Zoe needs a pep talk from you!
Have you picked up _The Revolution of Sabine_ yet? It's a quick quality read, but not available on Nook. You'll have to use your public library. Fancy that! :-)
a believer,

First of all A.M.,
 You  are just jealous of our nooks.  Kindle? Ick.  By the way, has yours blown up yet like Mom's did?  Anyway, I gave Zoe the pep-talk you suggested and I will read The Revolution of Sabine from my library as soon as possible. Thanks for commenting!  Love you and can't wait to see you again soon!
Your niece, Elizabeth :)
Oh, and our deadline is 9/3/10


  1. Cool, you have two whole more days than I thought! Plenty of time to consume two or more "twinkie" books between ya.

    Talk about JEALOUSY...when I get my iPad you're gonna feel like you ate an entire box of Twinkies AND Hostess chocolate Cupcakes. Have you seen how real-life pages turn on the iBooks app?

    I'll be able to read all by Kindle books on the iPad, too. Teehee.