Sunday, April 18, 2010

112 books down, 122 days to go!

Hey all!  I am having a blast in California!  My birthday is in two days but just because I have been busy doesn't mean I haven't read!  I have finished three books.
The first one is called Vampireville which is the third book in the Vampirre Kisses series.  In this book the vampire from Romania who came to track down Alexander has brought his freshly vampire made sister back with him to Dullsville.  Luna, the vamp sister, now hates Raven (or atleast for a while into the book) and wants to turn Trevor, Ravens enemy, into a vampire.  Which Raven cannot allow as much as she hates him, because she can't have Dullsville turning into Vampireville, can she?  This book was a fast read, fun, amateur, and totally awesome!  Despite the amateur writing, you can't help but love the main characters, especially dreamy, mysterious Alexander.  Love ya, Vampire! 
I have to go now so if you don't mind I'm gonna be quick and just give you the amazon reviews on the books.  I also finished Hex Hall:  Sixteen-year-old Sophie Mercer, whose absentee father is a warlock, discovered both her heritage and her powers at age 13. While at her school prom, Sophie happens upon a miserable girl sobbing in the bathroom and tries to perform a love spell to help her out. It misfires, and Sophie finds herself at Hecate (aka Hex) Hall, a boarding school for delinquent Prodigium (witches, warlocks, faeries, shape-shifters, and the occasional vampire). What makes this fast-paced romp work is Hawkins’ wry humor and sharp eye for teen dynamics, especially between the popular and the misfit crowds. Sophie is a multidimensional character, both likable and believably flawed. Secondary characters lack her depth, but their more broadly drawn portraits are in keeping with narrator Sophie’s impressions of her teachers and classmates. Many clever touches (vampire Lord Byron teaches literature), spot-on depictions of classic teen situations (crushing on the queen bee’s boyfriend), and an ending that leaves you hanging will have readers grabbing for the sequel.  (I liked it, but not as much as they say you will)
I also finished Chasing Brooklyn (despite the verse i liked the plot even before I read it so I enjoyed this book): A year after Brooklyn’s boyfriend, Lucca, was killed in an automobile accident, Gabe, the boy who was driving the car, commits suicide and, soon thereafter, begins haunting Brooklyn’s dreams. At the same time, Lucca starts showing up in the reveries of his older brother, Nico. Both spirits are persistent and demanding, but what is it, exactly, that they want? Readers of this verse novel will figure that out long before Brooklyn and Nico do, but the first-person point of view, which switches back and forth between the two teens, successfully builds suspense and foreboding in this highly readable romance-cum-ghost-story. The text could use fresher imagery (does the sky have to be a canvas, and clouds, cotton balls?), but the plot is well structured and the characters are appealing.

A chameleon's tongue is LONGER than its body.
Love, Lizzy S.  112 books down, 122 days to go!

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