Friday, April 2, 2010

97 books down, 138 days to go!

Hey y'all!  I finished a couple of books in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
In the first book, Eight Grade Bites Vladimir (13) or Vlad's junior high life sucks.  Literally.  Vlad is a vampire, his Mom was human, his dad was a vamp.  And Vladimir has to deal with his cravings for blood.  hich sucks if you don't want to be, as Jacob from the Twilight Series calls it, a bloodsucker.
Back to his normal life, though: Vladimir likes a girl who seems to like his best friend, kids are constantly mean to him, the principal avoids him, and he doesn't have a real family anymore.  His parents both died so he lives with his best friend whose mom works at the hospital and has to steal blood bags. But when his teacher disapeared and a sub came, who seemed to know a lot more info about him then possible, he realizes he's being hunted by a vampire killer.  Rawr.
Sorry guys!  I also read Ninth Grade Slays but I have to go have dinner so here is a preview via Amazon:
Vladimir Tod wants be popular like his friend Henry and cool and carefree like Henry's cousin Joss. He would so enjoy putting bullies Tom and Bill, who have been tormenting him for years, in their place. And, of course, he longs to tell Meredith about his feelings for her. All of this should really be a piece a cake for him. He is, after all, the only vampire "living" in Bathory, and he possesses extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, luck does not seem to run his way. What is working for him is the opportunity to go to Siberia with his Uncle Otis to be trained by Vikas, one of the oldest vampires around. Vikas sharpens Vlad's skills, especially in the area of mind control, and educates him on vampire history, language, and culture. Vlad also learns about the prophecy regarding the Pravus, a powerful vampire born from a human mother who will not only rule over all of vampirekind but also enslave the entire human race. Upon his return to Bathory, he is pursued by a vampire slayer and attacked by another one. Could Vlad, whom readers have come to love, possibly be this evil Pravus? Brewer does an excellent job keeping readers on their toes with an intense plot full of many twists and turns. Her writing style is original, witty, and on target.

Thanks!  Sorry I had to go so soon!  :)

 Yawning is contagious - even thinking about yawning is enough. After reading this fact, there is a 50% chance you will yawn.   I just yawned.

Love Lizzy S. 

97 books down, 138 days to go!

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