Monday, December 28, 2009


Happy Winter!
It's Elizabeth. I finished a book, Hush, Hush in my NOOK. It was a great book! The perfect amount of realistic fiction and fantasy!

Hush, Hush is about a girl, Nora, who one day is assigned a mysterious Biology Partner for the rest of the year. Patch. She hates his witty ways and snotty smirk but at the same time she is extremely allured by him.
Nora must find out more about him but even when she breaks into the school's folder's Patch's folder is empty.
Eventually, Nora gets very close to finding out the truth, too close.
What she finds disturbes her... his mysterious past. He's...
I'm not gonna give away TOO much so I'll just stick with "Immortal."
:) Happy Happy Happy!

This is my six and A HALF year old cousin... I'm at his house (I'm typing)
hi i can't wait till my birthday in feburary because i get to go to Enchanted Castle for my Birthday! I got a Wii for Christmas so I want WII games (Mario and Sonic) for my birthday. happy holidays... BYE.

48 books down, 233 days to go!

99% of pumpkins sold in the U.S. throught the WHOLE YEAR end up as jack-o-laterns or at least decorated for the Halloween season.

Lots of Love, LIZZY S.

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