Thursday, December 24, 2009

46 books down, 237 days to go!

Happy Christmas!
Happy Winter!
Happy Happy Happy!

So, I hope you guys are suuupppeerr happy! Because I am. It's Xmas Eve, I just finished making Xmas cookies and I can't wait to see if my family like's what I got them for the Holidays!

So, I have finished 3 books, but I might blog later tonight or at least tomorrow, because I only have, like, thirty pages of my book left! I finished, Waiting for Normal and Confetti Girl and Tales of Reluctant Psychic.
Waiting for normal was really sad. This book is about a young girl living in a trailer with her Mom. She goes through many things including having her mom leave her for nights at a time, her first period, her mom getting pregnant, seeing her half sisters, having a friend die, and much more. SO SAD!
Confetti Girl didn't have much of a plot. A nice young girl with a crush on a boy with a bad lisp whose best friends mom just might hook up with her single father.
Tales of a Reluctant Psychic. Great book. The main character and narrator Jade has a near death experience and she now can read peoples thoughts, aura's, and futures without any control. Jade goes through everything possible to make a sixteen/fifteen year old girl freak. She gets a god like Indian Boyfriend (two years older), very dangerous threats, psychic powers, a crush on an evil college student, an unconvinced best friend that she just MIGHT be losing towards the begging of the book, a talkative brother, a insane college student who makes an idiot move and she almost dies, a synagogue blower-upper out to blow up her synagogue, and much more. Poor Jade.

The first toilet ever seen on television was on "Leave It to Beaver."

46 books down, 237 days to go!

Love, Lizzy S.

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