Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hi Everyone. I have some very serious news. I can no longer trust blogspot/blogger. Though we will not resign. I was looking up 200bookmarathon on another computer and got this, . This website is being feed every single one of my posts. Please understand that our html is . Do not go to the first site, it's not an original (yes, some people might be reading this from 'feedage,' my fellow readers).
I'm really disapionted, considering they have more viewers than I do, also. And they're the fake! Not me! Well, readers please continue to go to the real blog, . Thank you!

Elizabeth S.

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  1. Hey gals! I think is simply an aggregator site, sorta like a search engine, which allows people to find your blog. If you click on any post's 'comment' (in Feedage) it leads you back here.

    Feedbage should help drive more traffic to your site.

    :-) a.m.