Wednesday, March 17, 2010

82 books down, 154 days to go! We can do it!

Hey y'all! I finished How NOT To Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler. This book was surprisingly fantastic.
This book is about a girl named Sugar Magnolia Dempsey (Maggie) who moves around with her totally crunchy and hippie parents every couple of months. Maggie, a totally likable girl who's wealthy in the popularity gene, used to love moving and exploring new places but every time she moves, she's a little older and gets more attached to her friends. And when she has to move away from Detroit, away from her BFF and her boyfriend Trevor who she can't seem to get over, she's heartbroken. She hates her life suddenly. She needs it to stop, the waxing pain of moving. So when she learns that she will only be living in Austin for 4 months, she realizes she has to make the worst of it.
So Maggie goes to school wearing jumpsuits, prairie dresses and galoshes and carries around plants and matching Star Trek backpacks and lunch boxes, refusing to make any friends and set her self up for the heart break and sorrow of moving.
But it gets harder and harder when the strange over-weight Penny who sits with her everyday at lunch and talks dead-pan about her life begins to grow on Maggie. And she begins to also like her Helping Hands volunteer club and starts to develop a crush on young-Republican Jack who seems to be more than interested in her. At least the populars hate her. Kinda. Well, she eventually realizes her plans are slowly deteriorating and tries her hardest to mess up all of her relationships, including her's and Jack's, her's and Penny's and Drip's, and hers and Miles (who happens to be a stunningly handsome and nasty teenage-pig popular who has a fascination with her and can see right through her act).
And the she ruins everything when she learns she staying in Austin (after destroying any fragment of a happy relationship with anyone). So basically her life is falling apart and she is not sure she can make it through the pain and the mess she made. (I'm a spoilsport... she does!)
Good Book! 5/5 stars!

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Love, Lizzy S.
82 books down, 154 days to go! We can do it!

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