Saturday, October 24, 2009

27 books down, 313 days to go!


I finished Death by Latte and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3. I was not a fan of The Sisterhood but Death by Latte was awesome!

Now. if you are going to read this you should probably read Death by Bikini first. The Death series is an awesome series about a girl named Aphra who's mom is a CIA agent. In this book, Aphra goes to visit her mom for the first time in four years, and gets pulled into am big predicament. She is now responsible for helping her Mom and stopping the murderers who are out out get her and her Mom.
An awesome read.

Zoe read I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You. I will have her blog about that one, one of my favorites. She can read the second one also, but not the third, because I already read it and counted it for the blog. I'm pretty mad and disappointed in her. She has finished one full book this month. I really feel like this is my blog now, and she is not even contributing.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

27 books down, 313 days to go.

Love, Lizzy S.

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  1. 27 books--yeay! You're still on target and there's always vacation to make up for school year deficits.

    The Death by Latte title reminds me of a book I want to read and you would probably like.

    It's The Espressologist by Kristina Springer about a barista who match-makes her friends based on their coffee orders.

    a.m. in n.j.